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Euro Kitchen Solutions is an innovative distributor of No Stick© branded non-stick consumer goods for kitchen and household purposes. We have a wide range of Teflon® branded products, including reusable non-stick oven liners, baking liners, liners for the microwave, panfoil, work- and bakemat and grilling bags and bbq accessories to make camping feel more like home.
This is where you can purchase all sorts of products that not only make it easier to keep things clean in the kitchen, but also make cooking healthier. For example, by using our products, you no longer have to use butter, margerine or any other greases such as spray Pam®. We have the solution for non stick baking and non stick bakeware.


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Cookie Sheet Liner

No Stick Teflon® Liners are brought to you by Euro Kitchen Solutions and are a revolutionary way of NON Stick baking and cooking in the Kitchen, Cottage or BBQ Just see what NON Stick liners can do for you.
No Stik Teflon
Frying eggs, steak, pasta in the frying pan.
Baking your favorite cookies, cake or croissants on a cookie sheet or a cake pan.
Even make that perfect toast with out NON stick toaster baggies.
Make those perfect French Fries in our oven basket.

Teflon Liners By Dupont

Cook your favorite Pizza on our DeLuxe crisper
For people on a diet or weight loss diet program ... Say Goodbye to butter, grease, lard or sprays like Pam©
Using a diabetic and low fat cooking program, this diet also helps you retain greater control over your blood sugar levels, reduces your intake of high calorie foods.

High Quality Icflon NON Stick Surface


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